Lips of the Day: Lunasol Full Glamour Lipstick S in Bright Red 05


Lunasol is one of my favourite Japanese high end make up brands – it’s so lush – but also unfortunately, expensive to buy. I found this lipstick on eBay (good for the odd Lunsol bargain) – at £13 it was a bit of a bargain as their lipstick can cost in the region of £20+ depending on who you buy it from. The packaging: The shade is called Bright Red 05. It is indeed, in […]

Is a cream lip balm any good? Monu First Defence Lip Balm Review


I am a self confessed lip balm addict. I’ve tried down right weird ones, very pretty ones and I’ve even taught you to make your own. Monu is a brand I like despite it’s simplicity and I recently got a sample of the lip balm to test. This product is quite unconventional, in that it is a cream lip balm and comes in a tube with a pump: Please excuse this lame photograph – photos […]

Comment Update…


Thanks so much for all your feedback on the blog redesign. We are taking comments in heed and fixing what we can as we go along. As I said in the last update post, I have a few other surprises to spring on you in the upcoming weeks so it is a very busy time! I am also finally going to get round to answering comments very shortly! I haven’t had time but I will […]

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