Metique Tea Tree Oil After Wax, Skin Wash and Hygienic Cleanser Review


I am prone to itchy and sensitive skin and I definitely have to try new products with caution. Metique is a brand launched in Australia in 2001 and the entire range is based around the benefits if Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is supposed to be soothing and helps irritations. They say: Tea Tree Oil (Melaleuca alternifolia) is the only known natural antiseptic that has the ability to control pathogenic micro-organisms without harming the […]

8 Days of Shampoo Reviews No. 6: Scruples Moisture Bath Shampoo & Reconstruct Conditioner


**If there is one beauty product I go through quickly it’s shampoo as I wash my hair pretty much every day. For the next 8 days there will reviews from products that I have used for at least 3 weeks each. My hair type is dry, frizzy and coloured** I’ve never heard of Scruples hair care before but with it’s unassuming packaging, I figured it would be worth a try. Scruples has provided salons with […]

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