Cheap, and cheerful? Canmake Eyeshadow Base and Primer Review


Canmake is a drugstore/high street (whatever you want to call it) level cosmetic brand from Japan. Think Collection 2000. But much, much better and more innovative for the price! I purchased this eyeshadow base, because I am a sucker for primers of any kind. They say: A creamy eyeshadow base enhances colour payoff and prevents unsightly creases for eye makeup that stays vibrant and fresh even well into the night. Moist formula quickly turns to […]

I like them thick: Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Super Marker Pen Eye Liner


Kiss Me are such a good Japanese brand and their sub brand Heavy Rotation is even better – they make really nude lip glosses and strong black eyeliner – no holds barred basically (where a lot of other Japanese brands are softer and shimmery). Heavy Rotation launched a new mascara and a new marker pen liner – I bought both but here is the liner review for you first: For me, pen liners, especially if […]

Majolica Majorca Pink Nail Polish Haul: PK411, PK217, PK412 and WT909


Majolica Majorca have a cute collection of nail polishes that are very affordable , although the bottles are quite dinky in comparison to some Western brands. They Speedy & Glossy range were on sale recently, so I picked up 4 new colours from Pinks…I am really into pink at the moment! Hot pinks and bright pinks! Here they are: I think I paid about £3-£4 each for these? What I do like about them […]

Battle of the Purples: Lunasol Ocean Scene Eyeshadow Palette Warm Ocean and Sheer Contrast Eyes Lavender Coral


I have a beauty lust list of some items I really want but are expensive and I can’t justify buying. Then when I achieve something new I got to the hit list to give myself a treat. This was the case when I bought not 1, but 2 purple/lavender palettes I have wanted for a long, long time. More than I wanted this full set! These two palettes were Lunasol Sheer Contrast Eyes in Lavender […]

Schwarzkopf Osis Dust It 24 Hour Volume Effect Powder Review


I’m not one for these matte dusting powder thingies because I think they feel so weird – they’re like powdered silicone so they feel soft of cold, then a bit sticky, then like glue and a bit like gel…yes, quite odd. Having said that someone suggested to me to treat it like a dry shampoo – I hate dry shampoo although I’ll tolerate it in desperate times such as when; 1. There’s no water left […]

Erase that liner! Simple Kind To Eyes Make Up Corrector Pen Review


Simple Kind To Eyes Make Up Corrector Pen is one of those products that we dream of; a make up remover that can be used to take away mistakes of the make up kind in an instant! They say: Its ingenious pen-like design with precision tip dispenses the award-winning Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover, so you can swiftly and easily wipe away those day-to-day make-up mistakes like smudges, flaking, streaks, and even waterproof […]

Enablers Guide: Where I buy Asian make up and some eBay seller recommendations.


I get asked this question all the time so it’s time to put it in a blog post! Where can I buy Japanese or Korean or Taiwanese make up? First of all eBay. I’ve bought a huge amount of Asian cosmetics from eBay over the years so I’ve probably bought from most of the prominent sellers on there! The biggest problems with buying cosmetics from eBay is: 1. Authenticity 2. Shipping Prices 3. General trustworthyness […]

ELF Pink Nail Polishes! Fluorescent Pink, Gum Pink, Passion Pink and Mango Madness


I featured some ELF Nail Polish a few weeks ago – very good for the price, so I purchased 4 more to try. See, my favourite polish colours are hot pinks and bright corals! I noticed that 2 of these were “new formulas” and mango madness is a new colour. Anyway here are the polishes I bought. Fluorescent Pink: Quite a nice warm pink with pearl through it. Not completely my cup of tea, in […]

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