Lip Balm, Lip Base, Lip Gloss All in One! Lavshuca Perfect Gloss Review


Lavshuca’s Perfect Gloss had a lot to live up to, being called ‘perfect’ an all… In this small squeezy tube is a clear gloss which apparently does everything! Lavshuca Perfect Gloss is a lip gloss, lip balm, SPF 21 and lip base all in one. You don’t get much of it, but then it’s not too expensive either. When it comes to lip bases I don’t really bother unless I am wearing a dry lipstick. […]

Happy Royal Wedding Day!


Just a note to say that I won’t be watching the Royal Wedding live because I’m going to Alton Towers today – priorities people, priorities. With that in mind, I hope everyone has a wonderful day off and that the wedding goes well because I adore The Queen. Let me know if Kate Middleton goes through with it, and if you like her dress!

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