SEN Skin Nourishment Ginseng & Ginger Collagen Hand Cream & Shower Gel Review


Sen is a brand I have only just discovered – their range of health and wellbeing products is vast, and is based on Chinese Herbs. They have skincare, bodycare, teas, herbal remedies and they offer treatments too. I tested out two products from the Skin Nourishment Range – Ginseng & Ginger although to be honest I don’t like either…well, not as a garnish anyway. The products are beautifully packaged – a good gift, methinks: Thankfully, […]

Starting the Chris James Cleanse Detox Today!


Good afternoon ladies, are you enjoying the sunshine? Firstly I need to say – I will spend a few hours today answering comments – have just been very busy lately. Secondly – I am starting an interesting regime today called the Chris James Detox! It’s a detox not like other ones I’ve tried before – you get a big pack of 7 supplements and a booklet which tells you what to do. The diet is […]

Eyeliner Week No. 6: Koji Linequeen Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black


Welcome to a full week of eyeliner reviews from my latest finds from March 2011! Each review will be number 1 – 7. Koji are known for making eye liners and their 1 day long lasting range is very popular in Japan. This Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black caught my eye as it’s supposed to be: – Very dark black – Waterproof – Long Lasting – Non Staining Here it is in it’s […]

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