Cheap but cheerful: Kiss Me Moist Lip SPF15 Tinted Collagen Lip Balm Review


Kiss Me Japan has such an amazing range of brands and products such as Heroine Make and Heavy Rotation!. I bought some of these cheap and cheerful lip balms (I’m addicted to them) from the Moist Lip range. They say: Kiss Me SPF 15 PA++ Moist Lip Natural Hyaluronic Acid Collagen is a lip balm in a portable stick. Enriched with hyaluronic acid, it moistens your lips with long lasting effect. Once applied the balm […]

Love it! RMK Massage Balm Circulating & Refreshing Massage Treatment Review


A few weeks ago I went to the RMK counter near me, and Eva Gormoriova, leading RMK make up artist gave me a little facial massage before the make over. She used the RMK Massage Balm to do the very relaxing and lovely facial massage. I am all into massage as long as I am on the receiving end (well, apart from the cats – the cats get paw massages) and Mr C gets a […]

Majolica Majorca Pressed Pore Cover Powder in 2011 LE Sugary Trap Case Review


I haven’t bought Majolica Majorca in a long time; their products are quite average for me despite being packaged so beautifully, but I couldn’t resist this gorgeous limited edition Sugary Trap collection and this pale green compact which houses the Pressed Pore Cover Powder. They say: Reveal soft white, translucent powder that minimises enlarged pores to give skin a flawless and polished finish. Using the flocked sponge, apply Pressed Pore Cover Powder on nose, cheeks […]

Happy Birthday Mr C: My song dedication to you

Mr C is really really really old today and I wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday because he’s such a narcissist he loves to be mentioned on the blog. This is for you, especially 4.05: The rest of you, please stick with it. The last 40 seconds is a musical gift from God to our ears. I’m off to the Aquarium today and hopefully the Folli Follie shop. How cool is it that Gaile […]

Hauls: What came in the post this week and upcoming reviews…


It’s been a busy week and when I am busy and perhaps a little emotional I get a bit spendy. It has been a real good week for hauling some make up! Anyway just a random, fun Friday post for you to finish the week. Have tons and tons of posts to write so bear with me I’ll be back with you in full action soon. I’ve had some really fun bits come in the […]

Lash Growth Trial using Mylash: 3rd Update!


Whoops. So I haven’t been as disciplined as I could’ve been with Mylash – infact I took 2 weeks and a few random days off, when I could barely muster enough strength to take my coat off before rolling into bed, never mind applying a lash serum. I am back on the lash wagon (I have a new skincare routine in place so am being strict with that, and mylash is the last thing I […]

Wet ‘n’ Wild Mega Eyes Creme Eyeliner in Black Swatch & Review


I’m not really looking for the ‘dream’ gel eyeliner – because I have tried many and most of them are pretty good anyway. The price and textures may vary but I don’t think I have ever tried a really hideously bad black gel eyeliner. I like Bobbi Brown Gel liner a lot, Maybelline for value for money, Heavy Rotation for a matter finish, Etude House for colourful fun, Lunasol for every day….the list goes on […]

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