Paese / Aurifere Cosmetics: Overview, Long Cover Foundation, Nail Polish & Eyeshadow!


I quite randomly got a package with some goodies inside a good few weeks ago – inside contained some make up brushes (which I love, review later) and this box set of Paese make up: Paese is a polish brand and on their UK site, they say: The Mecca of elegance and vibrant colors in makeup is Italy. In Italian the word land is translated into PAESE (read Páez). This is the most relevant and […]

More Oranges: Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me Lip Tint Review


Orange is the colour of spring 2011 baby, and I love it! It’s not my favourite colour but I’d say it was in the top 5. I bought this Follow Me Tint to try – they already have a blue one out which turns pink and that is lovely! This one is already orange (boo!) and it turns…well it goes into a pinky-orange. Sounds weird? It’s lovely. What’s the difference between a satsuma and a […]

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