Hauls: What came in the post this week and upcoming reviews…


It’s been a busy week and when I am busy and perhaps a little emotional I get a bit spendy. It has been a real good week for hauling some make up! Anyway just a random, fun Friday post for you to finish the week. Have tons and tons of posts to write so bear with me I’ll be back with you in full action soon. I’ve had some really fun bits come in the […]

Lash Growth Trial using Mylash: 3rd Update!


Whoops. So I haven’t been as disciplined as I could’ve been with Mylash – infact I took 2 weeks and a few random days off, when I could barely muster enough strength to take my coat off before rolling into bed, never mind applying a lash serum. I am back on the lash wagon (I have a new skincare routine in place so am being strict with that, and mylash is the last thing I […]

Friday Giveaway! Fake Bake Original Shimmer 5 Piece Set To Win!


Hurrah! It’s Friday! How about another giveaway to keep you going? Today I have 5 products from Fake Bake for ONE winner. You will get: 1 x Original Self Tan Lotion 1 x Flawless Self Tan Lotion 1 x Wash Off Bronzer 1 x Body Polish 1 x Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Lotion Wanna win?

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