Lash Growth Trial using Mylash: 3rd Update!


Whoops. So I haven’t been as disciplined as I could’ve been with Mylash – infact I took 2 weeks and a few random days off, when I could barely muster enough strength to take my coat off before rolling into bed, never mind applying a lash serum. I am back on the lash wagon (I […]

Friday Giveaway! Fake Bake Original Shimmer 5 Piece Set To Win!


Hurrah! It’s Friday! How about another giveaway to keep you going? Today I have 5 products from Fake Bake for ONE winner. You will get: 1 x Original Self Tan Lotion 1 x Flawless Self Tan Lotion 1 x Wash Off Bronzer 1 x Body Polish 1 x Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Lotion Wanna win?

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