Hate the fake tan smell? Try Xen Tan Scent Secure Moisturising Cream


It’s not like I fake tan that often anyway, but when I do I have to say I really hate the mouldy-cake smell (everyone says biscuits – I say mouldy cakes). I can smell it on other people a mile off. Admittedly a lot of fake tan I have tested of late smells a lot better than it used to – (Xen Tan is certainly a better one) but nevertheless, it’s always there with every […]

Tuesday Giveaway! 5 Sets of Otylia Roberts Simply Wax Range To Win!


Feeling tired and sluggish…how about a lovely giveaway to start Tuesday?! Ever since my first professional wax treatment I’ve been a bit obsessed with waxing products. So today I have a cool FIVE full sets of the Simply Wax range to giveaway. The range was developed with celebrity waxer Otylia Roberts, the official waxer for Comic Relief and Walkers. Five people will get the following: Simply Wax Strip Free White Wax for Sensitive Areas has […]

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