Holika Holika Blackhead Sponge: Hot Scrub, Peel Off Mask & Magic Patch Review!


I have to say, since I’ve been using Skinceuticals (more on them later) I’ve been getting less and less blackheads..but even so, they are one of my skin issues. I get a lot of blackheads on the nose especially and take time every two weeks to extract an get those nasty little things out out out. Maintenance is the key. A lot of Asian brands offer blackhead products – there’s a lot to choose from […]

Lavshuca Star Glow Rouge Lipstick Haul & Review, Shades: BE2 & RS1


Along with the Dramatic Memory Rouge colours I also purchased two lipsticks called Star Glow Rouge from Lavshuca! I love to try out their new formula lipsticks! Star Glow Rouge comes in 12 colours and is supposed to be like a gloss and a lipstick rolled into one with a nice shine and ‘brilliant’ finish. I love these kinds of lipstick swatches and lots of Japanese brands do them – how amazing?: I chose RS1 […]

Lavshuca Dramatic Memory Rouge, Liquid Lip Colour Review & Swatches


Lavshuca make some really lovely lip products (they have a lip library on their site because they have so many formulas!). Their newest release is this Dramatic Memory Rouge Liquid Lip Colour! This stuff offers higher coverage than a normal gloss and is supposed to last longer too. The whole range is a rather natural, rosy collection: I picked out two shades, PK-1 and RD-3. To be clear, PK means PINK and RD means RED […]

Cravendale Cats with Thumbs Advert = Win

Mr C came home yesterday ordering me to find the Cravendale advert on YouTube because I’d love it. I was pretty dubious because this is the man that told me I’d love Mythbusters and a book on The History of Railways. But a man has to be right some times, and I do, I do love it. Please watch: I’ve always said that the day my cats learn to use their thumbs is the day […]

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