Super Cute Notebooks the look like food! From Daycraft Hong Kong


I am a self confessed notebook geek and I have a serious problem – less than my make up problem, more than my bacon habit – when it comes to notebooks. I have tons of them. Most half written in, some are blank, some are collectables. Something about an empty notebook calls to me. I was extremely excited to be sent some notebooks to look at from a Hong Kong based company called Daycraft. Daycraft […]

A lash serum & liner in one: Trish McEvoy Lash Enhancing Liner Review


Lash growth products seem to be all the range – there are no lash enhancing mascaras too so naturally, there should be a liner that helps to promote growth! Trish McEvoy has a lash serum that you use at night, and they also have a bold black liquid liner which contains a protein complex, SymPeptide™ to improve lash fullness. Here is the liner: I’m currently trialling Mylash which totally does work but have taken a […]

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