Sheep + Lemons = Lanolips Limited Edition Lemonaid Lip Balm Review


Back in 2009 I looked at the whole set of Lanolips lip balms – lovely jubbly and can I just say that I still have them so these things last forever?! It comes so beautifully packaged: Have you tried Lanolips yet? It’s quite different to other lip balms, it’s very thick but it spreads nicely and sort of leaves a coating…I don’t know, it seems to last quite a while on the lips because of […]

Good enough for Air Hostesses! FITS Attention Please Cream Make Up Base Review


I have a new primer LOVE and it is this rather unusual little eBay find from Japanese brand FITS. I don’t know much about them but I know they make various mascara/eyeliners /primers/ hair products and they have this range called Attention Please which was created with Air Hostesses (Cabin attendants) in mind because of the dry effects of flying all the time. How cute is the packaging! It reminds me Flight Control on the […]

Lunasol Limited Edition Cream Cheeks Liquid Blusher in Light Coral EX03


Lunasol releases some limited edition products every spring/summer and since I bought the Ocean Shining Eyes, I decided I needed a matching blusher! The Cream Cheeks comes in a tube and in three colours – I chose EX03 Light Coral: They Say: A cream type cheek color that creates a natural, healthy-looking complexion, as if the skin were naturally blushed with a succulent texture that melts on the skin. Provides moist texture yet leaves the […]

Lunasol Limited Edition Shining Ocean Eyes in Sheer Beige EX02 Review


I resisted and resisted but in the end I just had to try out one of the Limited Edition Shining Ocean Eyes from Lunasol. This is a water based shimmery cream eyeshadow which has a subtle shine to the eyes – this stuff dries and it will not crease. There are 5 shades to choose from – I got EX02 Shining Sheer Beige: In the box: A water-based eye shadow reminiscent of the ocean that […]

Paese / Aurifere Cosmetics: Overview, Long Cover Foundation, Nail Polish & Eyeshadow!


I quite randomly got a package with some goodies inside a good few weeks ago – inside contained some make up brushes (which I love, review later) and this box set of Paese make up: Paese is a polish brand and on their UK site, they say: The Mecca of elegance and vibrant colors in makeup is Italy. In Italian the word land is translated into PAESE (read Páez). This is the most relevant and […]

More Oranges: Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me Lip Tint Review


Orange is the colour of spring 2011 baby, and I love it! It’s not my favourite colour but I’d say it was in the top 5. I bought this Follow Me Tint to try – they already have a blue one out which turns pink and that is lovely! This one is already orange (boo!) and it turns…well it goes into a pinky-orange. Sounds weird? It’s lovely. What’s the difference between a satsuma and a […]

Artistry Colour Cosmetics; An Overview & Review of the range!


I always get excited when trying out a brand that is totally new to me. I got a selection of cosmetics from Artistry to try. I’ve never heard of the range before but it is supposed to be a skincare and colour cosmetics company – more about them here. The packaging is simple stuff: So that’s not madly interesting but the cases are lovely – the blusher I tried out came in this pretty compact […]

Etude House Miss Tangerine Collection: Sweet Shower Lips in Sunny Tangerine & Tangerine Tangerine!


Now we move on to Miss Tangerine Sweet Shower Lips! Sweet Shower Lips is a glossy, hydrating lip stick with medium pigmentation. There are 5 shades, two pinkish and the rest orange based. The packaging is adorable:

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