The Model Agency Reality Show & Monu Premier Model Skin Kit


Let’s talk TV, like the good old days… I don’t know about you, but without even realising it, a fair amount of the shows I watch now can be classed as ‘reality tv’. So many shows these days involve ‘real’ people whether it’s because they are from a unique culture or have a giant wart growing out of their belly buttons. So now we have another one to watch, as The Model Agency delves into […]

The energising scent! Les Fleurs De Bach Vivacité de Bach Eau de Parfum Review


Les Fleurs de Bach is a range of products built around the Bach Flower essences; skincare, fragrances, elixirs… There are two scents, Vivacité de Bach for uplifting the spirits and Présences de Bach for relaxing and bringing balance. I chose Vivacité because god knows I need some energy! They say: The cheerful and spicy scent of Vivacité(s) de Bach will build up a sense of confidence and will result in an enterprising mind, strengthened with […]

How to get Thandie Newton’s Make Up for the Baftas Look, Caroline Barnes Tips!


There doesn’t need to be a reason to feature the lovely Thandie Newton, who I think just looks so beautiful in this photograph, which has her Bafta’s look: This kinda works as a daytime or evening look don’t you think? It’s so pretty. UPDATE: 21st/02/2011 – To clarify, the make up look that Thandie actually wore on the night and is in the photograph above was done by Make Up Artist Kay Montano. Celebrity make […]

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