IMATS London 2011 Alexandra Palace Photos & Experience!


2011 IMATS (see 2010 IMATS photographs here) was busier than ever! Whereas last year there felt like there was more space to move around, this time it was busy busy busy! There were lots of different brands to peruse this year, Make Up For Ever, Inglot, Sleek, MAC, Yaby, Illamasqua etc. and as always, lots of different counters selling make up brushes! I didn’t purchase much, some bits from Make Up For Ever and brushes […]

Heal those scars! Heal Advanced Formula Skin Therapy Gel Review


When I first got sent this Heal Gel I marvelled at it’s cute retro look then sat there thinking…what do I have to heal?! At the time…nothing. Thanks to the cat though, who gave me a nice deep scratch when Mr C dropped some pans and scared the life out of her – I had somewhere to try the gel out! I also had a bit of a sore brow after waxing so used it […]

Midweek Giveaway: 5 x First Aid Beauty (FAB) Detox Eye Rollers to Win!


Feeling the mid week slump, are you? So to perk you up a bit, I’ve got five sets of First Aid Beauty (FAB) Detox Eye Rollers for, well, 5 of you to win! With a unique roller ball delivery system it gently distributes lymphatic build-up from underneath the eyes, reducing the appearance of eye bags and puffiness. Within minutes of application, the under eye area looks and feel revitalized, smoother and brighter. I’m excited to […]

Asian Beauty Products No. 3: What are Peeling Gels or Peeling Jelly?


Peeling Packs or Peeling Gels are products that ‘peel’ away, or remove the top layer of dead skin gently, usually using fruit acids to do so. Unlike a face scrub, these gels generally don’t have any ‘grains’ in them, they can be runny or thick textured and the user will see little bits of dirt coming away in ‘balls’ (see pic). Are these ok for sensitive skin? Well you are supposed to use this once […]

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