For clean, sparkly eyes: Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash Review


Regular candy readers will know I have a thing for eye drops and general eye care products due to having sensitive peepers. Eye baths are a must for me, especially because I love my sparkly eye make up and youd be surprised after your first eye bath how much gunk comes out of there! Now, I like Rohto Lycee Eye Wash a lot (it lasts FOREVER) but it’s hard to get hold of and whilst […]

Easy Self Tan! Xen Tan Mousse Intense Review


Although I am not a big fake tan fan, I do like Xen-Tan a lot, maybe because the smell reminds me of cake, and also because it is non-orange which I like. Nevertheless, I find applying fake tan a bother, I don’t think I’ve ever got a perfect finish from one (ie. big ugly streaks!). So I was sent an ‘easier’ option, in the form of a Xen Tan Mousse – apparently easier than creams […]

Dry Skin Treat! Monu Hydrating Mask Review


I was moaning about having very dry skin and was coincidentally sent this Monu face mask to try. Monu skincare focuses on using natural ingredients and this face mask contains geranium essential oil, royal jelly, apricot kernal oil and evening primrose oil too! The problem with dry skin is that in my case, it makes it really sensitive too. So I’ve used a few masks for dry skin that don’t half make my face itch!

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