I bought it on eBay: Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag!


I don’t really use eBay for auction purchases any more, but I spotted a cute Lulu Guinness Make Up Bag (always wanted one but they cost £55) so thought I’d try to bid for it. I won! It came in the original box! The seller said there was a small watermark on it but it’s barely visible! Yay! And how much did I win it for?….

Korres Lip Liner & Full Colour Lip Gloss in 37 Bronze Gold & 44 Orange


I saw some Korres stuff in a sale so decided to indulge in 2 lip liners and glosses! I got one in Orange, and Golden Bronze with matching lip liners! They say: Hydrating, non-sticky lip gloss with cherry and jojoba oils, offering an intense, luminous effect, available in 10 fabulous colours. Dermatologically tested, free of mineral oils, silicone, propylene glycol and ethanolamine. These usually retail for around £12 so I was please to get them […]

Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 Review


I’ve bought a few things from Tony Moly, all in interesting packaging, like the coffee cup and the egg – now I have an ice cream! The Ice Queen range has a few different things, some face masks but I chose this Sun Cream (SPF 30). They Say: It protects skin from UVA and UVB and prevents aging.It cuts off harmful effects of cosmetics and air pollution on skin to prevents skin irritation, blackheads and […]

Benefit Full Coverage Lipstick Swatch of the Day: Pinking of You, Natural Pink


Pinking Of You wouldn’t be my first choice of the Benefit pink – it’s sort of a sorbet pink, the kind of shade I imagine would look gorgeous on blondes but fade into nothing on me. Actually it’s not bad, and more pigmented than I expected – I wouldn’t call it full finish though, whilst it’s creamy it’s not opaque like say, YSL Rouge Volupte which is very full finish… It’s sort of an orange […]

SANA Super Quick Lip Gloss Concealer Review and Swatches


One Japanese beauty trend that I love but find a little hard to wear, is the milky lip look – quite often achieved with the use of lip concealer and gloss on top, it’s not a million miles away from a Kim Kardashian lip that she pairs with a smoky eye. A quick and easy way to get it (and a product I forsee getting rather popular) is a 2 in 1 lip concealer and […]

Benefit Full Coverage Lipstick Swatch of the Day: Flirt Alert Red


Flirt Alert is indeed a flirty shade, an extremely hot orange red: I think this is lovely on the lips with high coverage but not too creamy and gooey, thus less prone to smudging: What do you think?

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