Tony Moly Ice Queen Multi Play Cream SPF30 Review


I’ve bought a few things from Tony Moly, all in interesting packaging, like the coffee cup and the egg – now I have an ice cream! The Ice Queen range has a few different things, some face masks but I chose this Sun Cream (SPF 30). They Say: It protects skin from UVA and UVB and prevents aging.It cuts off harmful effects of cosmetics and air pollution on skin to prevents skin irritation, blackheads and […]

Benefit Full Coverage Lipstick Swatch of the Day: Pinking of You, Natural Pink


Pinking Of You wouldn’t be my first choice of the Benefit pink – it’s sort of a sorbet pink, the kind of shade I imagine would look gorgeous on blondes but fade into nothing on me. Actually it’s not bad, and more pigmented than I expected – I wouldn’t call it full finish though, whilst it’s creamy it’s not opaque like say, YSL Rouge Volupte which is very full finish… It’s sort of an orange […]

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