Love it! Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone Concealer Review


The search for a brilliant concealer will never end, and I purchased this Naris Up Bihadashi Eye Zone concealer after seeing it had everything in one place; 2 shades of concealer and a setting powder. I have tried a pore concealer from the Bihadashi range which I didn’t like because it made me break out. Would this eye zone concealer fare better? Naris Up, like a lot of other Japanese brands like Bison and my […]

5 Days of Lashes: No. 3 Rimmel Max Curves Mascara Review


Superdrug had a 3 for 2 so I bought this Rimmer Max Curves mascara, their newest one to try. Check out how much tape my local Superdrug puts around it’s beauty products. We get it – you don’t trust us! But really, a security take, bits of paper and three layers of sellotape is a bit too much. After many minutes of picking and cutting I manage to get to the tube. Here it is! […]

Testing the Clarisonic Plus: Skin Diary Week 2-3


Ok so I have been using the Clarisonic every day for around 2 weeks now. It’s not too annoying to incorporate into my routine, since it’s like a 1 – 2 minutes anyway. I have been using it with Rosette Cleansing Paste which is ok, will review it shortly. Here was Week 1. Sorry I have some eyeliner residue on but I have no other make up on at all on my skin. I suffer […]

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