How To Clear Blocked Pores & Alienate Readers: Bliss Porefector Gadget Review


I am on a mission to get clear pores – I have recently invested in a lot of nose packs and scrubs which are supposed to get rid of blackheads (reviews coming up – I’ve found some gems). But a gadget that clears pores…unusual! And you know I love gadgets. And getting blackheads out – I LOVE IT. It’s an obsession. On me or people related to me. Don’t do strangers, don’t like touching other […]

5 Days of Lashes: No. 1 Aube Couture Designing Mascara Review


I bought this Aube Couture Designing Mascara after seeing Kathi’s review (her blog is one of my favourite blogs ever). I accumulate mascaras so much, too much, but I guess I am after the ‘perfect’ one… I think I found the perfect one once, it was by Aube and it was called the Coilcomb mascara….and then they discontinued it, just as mine was starting to dry up. D’oh! Apart from that one, the only ones […]

Lips of the Day: Kitten Vixen Lip Gloss in Ravishing Ruby


You can never have enough lip products – honest! Today’s LOTD is from Kitten Vixen; this gloss is vegan certified, cruelty free, free from parabens and free from petrolatum – good! Now, this only comes in three shades, Peach Provocateur, Ravishing Ruby and Tickled Pink. Each shade is supposed to flatter a certain colouring so I was sent Ravishing Ruby for my medium skintone and dark hair. It looks like jam:

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