Mini Trish McEvoy Haul: Filling up my double decker palette!


I love sticking everything into one palette, I just like everything compact and handy! The smaller the palette the better. Trish McEvoy make one of the better palette systems out there that is highly customizable (ie. you can buy planner pages or you can buy these self managing compacts like the one i have here in 3 sizes, and you can even stick these into a planner (which is like a beauty filofax) via the […]

VOV Showcase Lip Play Gloss Review & Swatches


Another Korean brand I have been taking interest in is I bought these cute VOV! Their stuff seems quite affordable and very varied. I purchased these Showcase Lip Play glosses because the packaging was so cute! No idea why they’re called Showcase though… Here is the shade range! These shimmer free glosses look kind of milky from the swatches which I like as a nice change from glitter! Can you guess which 2 shades I […]

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