Skinfood Sugar Dessert Eye Shadows Chic Choc Matte & Shimmers Review


Skinfood make up, I feel, isn’t as strong as the skincare products but nevertheless, I purchased a few of their solo eyeshadows, the Sugar Dessert range. There’s quite a large selection of these eyeshadows to choose from. I bought 3 mattes and 2 of the shimmers. These shadows come little round plastic cases: I bought 2 of the darker shades to try, they are blackened blue and blackened green with a metallic edge to them: […]

Christmas Giveaway Winners List!


Been a bit busy at work so have only just had the chance to pick the winners of the Christmas Giveaway. So here it is! All winners have been contacted by email. Keep your eyes peeled for more giveaways this month! I’m going to try and answer as much comments as possible too this weekend. Would a chat box of some sort be useful I wonder? I seem to miss comments by accident. Let me […]

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