Cover those dark circles! Benefit Erase Paste Concealer Review


You know there are some beauty products that I hear other people talk about a lot but never get round to trying. One of those products is Benefit Erase Paste – I love the name ‘Erase Paste’ but wasn’t too sure about the ‘Paste’. Anyway I finally got a chance to try it out…ummm hello!? Why did no one frog march me to a Benefit counter to buy this?! Here is the concealer – it […]

Becca Eye Tint Water Resistant Colour for Eyes in Pewter Review & Swatches


Becca is one of my current brand obsessions! I love their understated, high quality products. I also love their visuals – everything is quite smoky and sensual. I haven’t tried a Becca Eye Tint before but I love all cream based products anyway: One of their newest shades is Pewter, a super dark grey. I’ve seen it being used as a eyeshadow base (dark shades to prime really bring out brighter eyeshadows). They say: An […]

Eyelash Growth Diary: Mylash Eyelash Growth Serum


I’ve tried a number of lash serums in the year but mixed results and I have limited patience too waiting for results to show. The last one I tried was by M2 Beaute – unfortunately it started to sting my eye after about 2 weeks so my mum will now be testing that product from scratch for me. So something different for me in the form of Mylash. Mylash is a prescription only lash growth […]

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