Benefit Prrrowl Iridescent Mascara Top Coat & Lip Gloss Duo Review and Swatches


Benefit Prrrowl or Prrrowl (I can’t figure out if it’s 3 R’s or 4 R’s because it varies from different pictures that I see!) is a rather interesting concoction of a iridescent mascara top coat and a shimmering pink lip gloss. I know what you’re thinking…why would you want a top coat and a lip gloss in the same place? I don’t know, but I guess this is one of those fun products Benefit is […]

Testing and Reviewing the Clarisonic Plus: Skin Diary Week 1


2011 is the year I take care of my skin, as so far I have been far to focused on other things to remember to remove make up and slap on serums every night. My skin is certainly looking worse for wear, with dry patches and the first signs of CROWS FEET – HELLO!?!?! So this year, I am going to take that little bit of time to cleanse properly, to moisturise, to use eye […]

Stop the flakies! Dandrazol Anti Dandruff Shampoo Review


I have used SO MANY shampoos over the years for my flaky, itchy, sensitive scalp. The doctor has recommended various types to me, like T-Gel and some prescription ones but to be honest, they didn’t do that much for me (or at least not in the long term). I bought this shampoo from Boots on a total whim – I just happened to see it but hadn’t heard of it before. This shampoo is called […]

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