New Year Must Watch: RSA YouTube Videos

Not beauty related, but I love the RSA animated videos on YouTube. I find them highly inspiring, when I feel down I watch one to pick me up, to open…

Meet the Cleansers in my Bathroom!


This year I’ve decided to actually make an effort to really take care of my skin – it’s been so dry lately, but that doesn’t stop me from getting lots…

2 in 1 Lip Plumper! Babypink/ Bison Plumplus Lip Gloss Duo Review


Bison is a Japanese brand with a really random range of products (skincare, face mask, lip balms, lip glosses etc.) that I don’t buy from that often, just because it’s…

Happy New Year 2011 Possums!


Wishing you all a Very Happy New Year! 2011 has a ring to it don’t you think? This year, we’re gonna be millionaires… Lots of Love, From Cosmetic Candy.

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