Dolly Lips! Melliesh Lip Gloss; Beige, Pink and Orange Swatches & Review


Sometimes a brand just totally gets me excited and Melliesh was one of them! As soon as I spotted then I picked up the lip gloss, blushers and liner. The brand is by Yui Kanno (I think she is a Japanese model/actress) and the look seems to be the Gyaru look, in a soft, pretty form. Melliesh also makes lashes and eyelid tape. Anyway! My gorgeous glosses! I bought three for about £9 each (the […]

Cha Cha Cha! Strictly Come Dancing Strictly Fab-u-lous The Nail Colour Collection


I don’t watch Strictly Come Dancing so wasn’t too excited when I saw the exclusive make up range at Boots – and then there was this gorgeous 12 colour nail collection (part of the gift 3 for 2 sets): This set costs £16 for 12 nail polishes – they are split between three categories, Salsa (the brights) Ball room (naturals) and Latin (dark shades). Whenever I see these TV/Celeb endorsed products I always wonder about […]

Not a Book, it’s a Mook: Jill Stuart & Mary Quant Mooks Autumn Winter 2010


Me and the 10 year old had a debate as I thought that these Mooks were pronounced Moo-uk and she said it’s MUCK. I suspect she may be right. That’s the last Happy Meal she gets from me. Mooks are a cross between a magazine and a book. They’re better made than books, are highly collectable and come with fabulous gifts! I don’t buy these very often but this year I ordered Jill Stuarts Mook […]

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