Waterproof, 24 Hour Wear: Naris Up, Wink Up Maxigrade Black Eyeliner Pencil in Black Review


Although I carry a make up bag filled with wonder with me every day, the fact is I just don’t top up my make up during the day unless I…

Speed Review: Wax on, Wash Off, The Fake Bake Self Tan Review


The first proper fake tan I ever tried was Fake Bake – I had gone to a Professional Beauty show, the ones that are filled with 16 year olds in…

SPF LOVE: Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Top Coat Review


I know, I know, you’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day but I’m kinda lazy and I forget despite having many lovely sunscreens to my disposal. Sometimes, with a serum,…

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