Waterproof, 24 Hour Wear: Naris Up, Wink Up Maxigrade Black Eyeliner Pencil in Black Review


Although I carry a make up bag filled with wonder with me every day, the fact is I just don’t top up my make up during the day unless I am specifically going somewhere after work. But I carry it anyway, incase of the apocalypse. So, long wearing make up is my godsend. Japanese brands, generally, have terrific lasting power – the mascara and eyeliner products especially. I find that my watery eyes can get […]

Speed Review: Wax on, Wash Off, The Fake Bake Self Tan Review


The first proper fake tan I ever tried was Fake Bake – I had gone to a Professional Beauty show, the ones that are filled with 16 year olds in white spa uniforms, and they were flogging this revolutionary wash off fake tan that didn’t streak or go orange, blah blah blah – anyway my friend bought one and forced me to buy one too. I used it and I admit, I really liked it, […]

SPF LOVE: Laboratoire Remede Translucent UV Top Coat Review


I know, I know, you’re supposed to wear sunscreen every day but I’m kinda lazy and I forget despite having many lovely sunscreens to my disposal. Sometimes, with a serum, a cream, a primer, a foundation, a powder…it just feels a little too much to sandwich in a sunscreen too. However, a make up artist told me to start using SPF and fast, because my face was clearly darker than the rest of me – […]

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