Kose Salon Style Precious Head Spa Day Damage Care Milk UV Review


Salon Style is a Kose hair care brand. It’s a shame shampoo and conditioners are too heavy to ship over otherwise my shower would be lined with Shiseido! I actually bought this Salon Style Precious Head Spa milk because I thought it was some kind of sunscreen (because of the UV bit) – there’s no SPF listed but it is supposed to offer some kind of protection. Kose SALON STYLE Precious Head Spa Day Damage […]

Swiss Skincare: De Clars Instant Lifting Mask Review


With my skin basically doing a Screw You! on me, I have been dealing with it very gently and leaving it along to repair itself. Face masks is one way I have been helping it along (although I have to be careful because it’s so sensitive at the moment). De Clars is a Swiss skincare brand and their Instant Lifting Face Mask has that soft of gentle look I like in a face mask. I […]

Winter Blues Buster: Meji Cassis Vitamin Drink!


Gosh I am so run down at the moment. Maybe it’s the weather, maybe it’s that time of year, maybe it’s work. Either way I just want to *slump*. Apart from Berrocca, a vitamin drink that leaves your pee bright orange, my latest favourite drink is Meji’s vitamin drinks. It comes in the usual citrus flavours (orange, lemon) but my favourite is Cassis: It contains 3333mg of vitamin C – I feel a bit more […]

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