Screw You No.4! Five Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Get A Contract on Orange


My phone (a HTC hero) has given me nothing but grief over the 18 months I’ve had it – it’s been difficult to use but to be fair, being on Orange doesn’t help. It’s a patchy network – phone calls are always cutting off and I randomly get texts failing but I have been too lazy to change, instead faithfully paying my phone bills which vary from £40-£85 for the last seven years. Well enough […]

Screw You No.3! Royal Mail and the case of missing International Parcels


No, I’m not done with Screw Yous! It’s out old favourite up now, Royal Mail. Royal Mail, generally, go a good job. In fact, until recently a lot parcel was rare but in the last few months, I’ve been getting more post, and the ratio of ‘lost stuff’ has gone soaring up the roof. Press samples, inevitably, go walkies – sometimes I let it go, sometimes if it something I have been dying to test […]

Screw You No.2! Review and Kiss Airways Disaster


My friend, who I will call Cautious Peggy, is always telling me that I am too whimsical with my choices in life and I say to her, shut it Peggy, I am a free sprit. But I should’ve listened to her when she told me that booking holidays with lesser heard of travel agents. But it wasn’t my fault! We listened some guy who works with Mr C’s who we shall call Norman and booked […]

Screw You No.1: eBay Shop Solewish and the hazards of buying shoes on eBay


I never learn – shoes are awkward things to buy at the best of times but I can’t help but be tempted by a pair or two. At least when you buy from a major catalogue site like ASOS or La Redoute you get free returns! Alas this is rarely the case on eBay. I bought a pair of boots from a seller called Solewish – they seemed like a big reputable seller and to […]

My new beauty obsession! Gyaru Look Beauty Brands I Currently Crushing On; Candydoll, Melliesh, Dollywink


I have brand crushes from time to time, at the moment I am nuts for Dollywink, Candydoll and Melliesh (all Japanese brands!). I have bought so many bits from them in the last few weeks. Anyway I realised they have a pattern; all these brands promote the ‘Gyaru’ look. So these brands focus on blushers, pale lip colours, fake lashes, eyeliners…all the essentials of this look! Whilst the full look is a bit too much […]

What’s in my Day Trip Make Up Bag? Aka – The Tardis!

So today ladies, we are talking day trip make up bags! I don’t mean a visit to Alton Towers, I mean when you have a long day out and need to look pretty! In my case this was a few weeks ago when I was going to London. It was an early train so I took my make up with me so I could apply it towards the end of the journey. I bought this […]

Feel Good Friday: Stuff On My Cat & Why you shouldn’t send me too much padding


This is a post to contrast tomorrows screw you extravaganza. There’s nothing better than a stacked cat. Just thought I’d share some pictures of one of my cats, CJ, who always sits next to me when I’m taking blog photos. No matter what…. Even when I try to make wigs out of straggly bits that come with my post… She’s so patient… Someone asked me recently how my cats are well behaved…well they’re not all […]

Super Lash Growth Serum Test! M2 Beaute Power Lash Duo Grow; Eyelash Activating Serum & Revitalising Gloss


I was starting to feel a bit left out since everyone seems to be using lash serums and experiencing vast amounts of lash growth at the moment… And then this sexy looking duo from M2 Beaute arrived in the post! This M2 Lashes duo consists of a serum and gloss which is supposed to increase length, volume and the condition of your lashes – and boy do I need it. Used daily, this duo shows […]

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