Soap & Glory; Face, Soap and Clarity 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash Review


One of Soap & Glory’s newer cleansers is Face, Soap and Clarity, sold as a 3 in 1 daily facial wash. This fruity smelling facial wash foams, cleans, exfoliates all in one go! I am sort of into facial washes at the moment, because they leave skin feeling so clean (I am trying to battle blocked pores at the moment, although I also have to deal with dry skin and sensitivity…d’oh!). For me the most […]

Pacifica Mexican Cocoa, Spanish Amber, Tibetan Mountain Temple & Lotus Garden Review


After writing a review on my current Pacifica collection, I decided that I needed more solid perfumes that suited the Autumn/Winter season. Researching the Pacifica site I decided to hunt down four more scents, Mexican Cocoa, Spanish Amber, Tibetan Mountain Temple & Lotus Garden Review. Ooh yes. Not happy about the pricing. These are just $9 each on the Pacifica US site, in the UK they are sold for £10 or sometimes more. Cheeky! Anyway […]

Brassy Hair Solution! Organic Care Systems Silver Shampoo Review


After having my hair lightened, I knew I had to take affirmative action to keep the brassiness away. My hair naturally has a lot of red in it and it goes through the orange stage before it goes blonde. Eeek. I have found that silver shampoo or purple / lilac ones work well but I’ve had to avoid them so far because they nearly always contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, which makes my scalp itch badly. […]

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