My new beauty obsession! Gyaru Look Beauty Brands I Currently Crushing On; Candydoll, Melliesh, Dollywink


I have brand crushes from time to time, at the moment I am nuts for Dollywink, Candydoll and Melliesh (all Japanese brands!). I have bought so many bits from them in the last few weeks. Anyway I realised they have a pattern; all these brands promote the ‘Gyaru’ look. So these brands focus on blushers, pale lip colours, fake lashes, eyeliners…all the essentials of this look! Whilst the full look is a bit too much […]

What’s in my Day Trip Make Up Bag? Aka – The Tardis!

So today ladies, we are talking day trip make up bags! I don’t mean a visit to Alton Towers, I mean when you have a long day out and need to look pretty! In my case this was a few weeks ago when I was going to London. It was an early train so I took my make up with me so I could apply it towards the end of the journey. I bought this […]

Feel Good Friday: Stuff On My Cat & Why you shouldn’t send me too much padding


This is a post to contrast tomorrows screw you extravaganza. There’s nothing better than a stacked cat. Just thought I’d share some pictures of one of my cats, CJ, who always sits next to me when I’m taking blog photos. No matter what…. Even when I try to make wigs out of straggly bits that come with my post… She’s so patient… Someone asked me recently how my cats are well behaved…well they’re not all […]

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