Etude House Petit Darling Eyes Matte Eyeshadow Review! Such Gorgeous Mattes!


I’m sure you’re seeing the pattern now; I seem to haul a ridiculous amount of eyeshadow, but you know as a beauty blogger, it’s kind of what I do. Sometimes something I buy or am sent to review really wows me – and these little solo eyeshadows from Etude House’s Petit Darling range are absolutely gorgeous! Matte Eyeshadows…I do like, in that, they have their place. I used to do shimmer all over my eyelid […]

Dry Skin, Glowy Skin: E45 Endless Moisture Radiance Moisturizing Cream Review


E45 is one of those British staple health and beauty names, like Savlon, or Bonjela or Sudocreme. Whenever you tell someone (a normal person, not a beauty blogger!) that you have dry skin they always go “Have you put E45 on it?” as if you haven’t already thought of using it! It reminds of a friend I had a few years ago who was a internet newbie, so every day she’d find a new website. […]

Feel one forming? Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen Review


When I say, ‘Fell one forming’, I’m not talking about a fart either. I’m talking SPOTS! I generally get spots in the same place, which is on my chin, sometimes one massive one of my forehead but I get a lot near my upper lip area. They hurt too and sit under the skin for a while before making an appearance. Yeuch! So this Clearasil Ultra Spot Blocker Pen sounds like an interesting invention: When […]

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