Clinique Bonus Time Offer: Clinique and Betty Jackson, Black are Back at Debenhams


Everyone likes a good Clinique Bonus time – their free gifts are generous and this new Betty Jackson collaboration caught my eye (I like the look of the make up bag!). Exclusive to Debenhams from Thursday 14th to Saturday 30th October, you get: 1. Betty Jackson make up bag 2. Learn by Numbers Eye Compact in Neutral 3. Rinse off Foaming Cleanser 50ml 4. Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 30ml 5. High Impact Curling Mascara in […]

Want Perky Boobs? Bring it on! Nip + Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment Review


When it comes to booby care, I probably don’t spend enough time moisturising mine as I should. There’s just quite a lot of boob to deal with… Anyhow, I’ve noticed on me, that if I use a cream that is too thick, makes the skin on that, erm, area, sensitive. Which isn’t very nice. So when I saw Nip & Fab’s Bust Fix I was quite happy to give it a go. Now remember, I […]

For Dry Lips. Blistex Soothing Lip Splash Liquid Moisturiser Lip Balm Review


I’ve given up and accepted I will be eternally addicted to LIP BALM. I can’t help it – ever since I turned 12 and started spending my £2.50 pocket money on The Body Shop Satsuma and Morello Cherry lip balm, I’ve been addicted. Admittedly, I lose about 4 lip balms a month, but still… So I was browsing in Boots at lunch time…dangerous stuff and spotted this Blistex Liquid Lip Moisturiser. Although Blistex is a […]

I wanted it, I hauled it! Limited Edition Shu Uemura Highlighter in Steam


Ever pass on a Limited Edition item only to regret it, then find it impossible to find one later? I had this kind of regret with this pretty Shu Uemura blusher/highlighter called STEAM a while ago. Steam was from the Autumn/Fall 2008 collection. I spotted it and passed up on it…then saw it on eBay for just a little more than the retail price. Hurrah! Steam is a pale light white-peach with micro sparkles. The […]

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