Japanese Crafted Make Up Brushes: Tesshyu Collection Double Ended Make Up Brushes Review


Every now and then, I buy something that becomes my pride and joy. Previous pride-and-joyers include: 1) My first Mulberry Bayswater Bag 2) My Gameboy 3) My Macbook 4) A first edition version of The Usborne Detective Guides! And now…these beauties! Tesshyu Collection brushes are by Mr Tesshu Takemori who is a brush artisan. He personally chooses the materials to make his brushes which (the website says!) are crafted by his hand with care. Oh […]

Where to buy Japanese Make Up! Adambeauty.com Online Shopping Guide


Note: I am not affiliated with Adambeauty.com in any way. I do not receive free products, any discounts or any payment from the company in any shape or form. Adambeauty.com is my favourite place on the whole interweb to buy make up. It is run by someone called Adam Chan, hence, ‘Adam Beauty’. I have been a loyal customer for years and years. I like the site because they offer Asian make up and skincare […]

Hair Straighteners better than GHD? Cloud Nine Hair Iron Review


This review is only about a million years overdue, oops. Better late than never! I got a pair of Cloud Nine Irons ages ago to try. I admit, I seem to spend a lot of time admiring electrical goods in the box before finally ripping it open and giving it a good run. Maybe I just like to keep things pristine…. Anyway, Cloud Nine Irons, they say, is a real contender to the might GHDs. […]

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