Friend Review: Biore Shine Control Oil Free Moisturiser with Pore Smart Technology


Today I have a reader review for you! Helen, aged 26 used Biore Shine Control Oil Free Moisturiser for 5 weeks for me: Had you heard of the brand or product before hand? I have heard of Biore but not for creams. Describe the product – how did it smell, what were the textures like, was it easy to apply, was it a strange colour etc. The product was nice and easy to apply as […]

Turn any eyeshadow into liner! Pop Beauty Golden Sparkle Sauce Liner Creator Review


There are loads of products on the market now that promise to turn your eyeshadow into an eyeliner, like Frontcover’s Shadowline and Mac Mixing Medium. I am all for it – I have so many eyeshadows that it opens up all kinds of opportunities! Now, POP Sparkle Sauce – the name itself make it appealing! This is actually a multi use product. You can use it as an eyeshadow sealer (it will make it water […]

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