Deep Cleansing Facial Cloth: Poreclens Mitt by Loren Clarke Review


To get really clean feeling skin I used a face flannel or hot towel during cleansing. I have a Clarisonic which is ok but irritates the most sensitive spots on my face and encourages redness with overuse. I’m not a big fan of using Muslin Cloths (someone I knew kept calling them ‘Muslim Cloths’, I didn’t know if I should correct her or not!) because they feel a little thin to me, end up dirty […]

Have you tried this before? The Orgasmatron Head Massager!


I have seen these around for ages but I finally bought one from a discount store for £1.99! The Orgasmatron is a head massager, like a clam type contraption that looks like an instrument of torture: I tried this out – what a weird sensation! I felt my entire head tingle – urgh – like getting chills down my spine but I sort of liked it! I used it on Mr C and he collapsed […]

Dry Cracked Nips? Nip & Fab’s Lip + Nip Fix Healing Multi Purpose Balm Review


NIP + FAB is a super cute new skincare range from the makers of Rodial (but without the high prices) and I have been trying out various products from their range. The products are ‘fixes’ – so you have a ‘Cellulite Fix’ or a ‘Dry Leg Fix’ – name your problem and find a solution. Today I am reviewing the very cute Lip + Nip multi purpose balm. This is similar to Elizabeth Arden’s 8 […]

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