Want to protect your tan and dye yourself orange? Try Melvita Huile de Carotte Carrot Oil


So whilst I was on holiday I got heatstroke. Stupid really – I am not used to being in the sun and I basically toasted myself for 6 hours in the hardcore sun like someone who…has no idea how to behave in the sun. My brain, quite rightly, came to a standstill (arguably not for the first time) whilst we had dinner that night and I keeled over in a restaurant. Mr C finds it […]

Pretty & Cute Waterproof Black Gel Eyeliner & Shimmer Stick Eyeshadows!


I was recently set a parcel from Pretty & Cute, a website specialising in Asian cosmetics and accessories. It’s another one of those stores that you can spend a while just browsing around and seeing that they have to offer! I was sent lots of lashes to try (need to master my application first!) and some cosmetic bits! One of the things is their own brand Waterproof Gel Eyeliner (priced at $9.99): Regulars will know […]

1 Week Only! Half Price Frontcover To Go Make Up Palette At Boots


From Friday 8th October 2010 – 14th, Frontcover’s new To Go Palette is reduced from £35 to £16! Frontcover’s cult eye encyclopedia collection made portable, this year all the eyeshadows are removable so you can pop them out, then pop them into the limited edition compact and go! The limited edition kit contains show-stopping colours to create the latest looks. From bold swept washes of colour to under eye treatment as seen on the Akris […]

Half Price Cargo Plant Love Products from Puresha – 24 hours only!


Sorry, it’s more like 12 hours now (hehe) Cargo Plant Love is half price on Puresha! I am keen to buy a blue eye pencil and perhaps a bronzer! This ends at 12pm on Thursday 7th October. Have you tried the Puresha range?

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