Keeping skin shine free: YSL Matt Touch Oil Free Touch Mat Primer Review


I love primers! You know that? Oh okay. Well, the thing is I now have so many primers that I have different ones for different uses. Some illuminate, some hydrate, some mattify, some make things last longer. I can’t say I have one ultimate primer to be honest. YSL’s Matt Touch Oil Free Primer actually caught my eye a while ago because I saw a make up artist from Hong Kong recommend it. Humidity in […]

Twitter Recommends: PanOxyl Aqua Gel Spot Treatment Review


I get spots occasionally, sometimes a few little manageable ones and sometimes a giant painful stonker of a spot. I really like Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and other spot treatments I have used are ok but I have yet to find a ‘killer’ product that knocks spots dead. The Cillit Bang of spot creams. Twitter spoke to me and recommended PanOxyl, an over the counter product for spots (Over the counter means something you have […]

Rouge Bunny Rouge presents the Raven Blaze Collection


I always like to look at the Rouge Bunny Rouge collections, just because the imagery is strong and their products are really cute, although their press releases are mind boggling* some times, like reading a chapter of Paul Muldoon from back to front, whilst handing upside down with a hangover. Raven Blaze is a sleek look with dramatic lacquered black eyes and gracile porcelain taint.* Products Used: FACE&BODY PRELUDE IN THE CLOUDS Aqua Primer SEAS […]

Guess what it is: A bird? A plane? A tool for extracting bogeys?


I’m back with another guessing game for you. This beauty tool is new to me. I bought it with something I wanted to try in mind and it’s a totally weird invention: You change the cotton buds around as necessary. Is that a good clue?! Any idea?

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