*UPDATED* Screw You! I hate Paypal so so so so so so much & Paypal are fraudsters who hold your money for 180 days!


Another day, another rant. This time Paypal is under the radar! ** I have just heard from Paypal. They have refused to release the money to me OR to the sellers and will hold the funds for 180 days. Let me repeat that. They will hold this money for 180 days – that’s SIX months. We can count, Paypal. Saying 180 days doesn’t lessen the blow. What I don’t get is, we are just asking […]

Halloween Ideas: Using Jinny Rainbow’s Jinny Rocks Body Gems


I’ve had these Jinny Rocks for a while! I admit I was asking myself what I can do with them…but Halloween coming up so I think it’s the perfect time to use them! Jinny Rocks comes from the same people who brought up Jinny Tattoos and Jinny Lashes! I’m loving the look of these chunky gems. There’s tons of designs to choose from and you can buy a set for £10. What kind of look […]

October Giveaways: Amazing Boots Hamper & £1000 Voucher to Win! (Week 1)


October is one of my favourite months, and it’s extra special because I’ve reached my 3rd blogging year! To celebrate, Cosmetic Candy and Boots are offering you a month’s worth of goodies throughout the month of October. Each week we will be offering you the chance to win a Boots papering hamper (I have personally picked the items in it!) for a spa night in at home or some much needed ‘me me me time.’ […]

Soothe your redness: Elemis Daily Redness Relief Skin Solutions Cream Review


I suffer from high colour (hi by the way, how are ya?) on my cheeks and hypersensitivity. This means that I get very red very easily; it can be something I’ve eaten, it can be a hot drink, it can be the weather, it can be using something new on my face. Suddenly I go bright red and get very hot. When I went for my Bliss facial, the therapist said that was the first […]

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