Cover Dark Circles! Trish McEvoy Instant Eye Lift Under Eye Brightener and Line Filler Review


There are so many under eye brightening products out there these days that we are totally spoilt for choice! A brightener illuminates the under eye area making shadows and lines less apparent; I personally love them because I like a light coverage under the eye area and they are less likely to look cakey. One of the latest to hit the market is Trish McEvoy’s Instant Eye Lift. It looks a lot like the Eye […]

Mascara Review Week, No. 1: Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Mascara (Waterproof) Review


The mascara I took away with me on Holiday was Dior’s Diorshow Black Out Waterproof Mascara. How did I pick which one to take? I did hip-dip-do… With a lash perm in tow, I can basically wear any mascara without suffering from the dreaded drooping (how I envy ladies with the natural curl!). They Say: DiorShow Black Out Mascara gives your lashes a little more oomph and a lot more drama. Intensified by ultra-black, kohl […]

Super nude lips! Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Sugar Glamorous Lip Nude Lipgloss Review


I really love Kiss Me products at the moment, and especially their Heavy Rotation range! A lot of Japanese brands err on the side of sparkly and sheer, but Heavy Rotation is full on NUDE LIPS and SMOKEY EYES! BAM! I already own some of their brow concealer, lip concealers and lip glosses, but I noticed this new sheerer formula on eBay: I love nude lips, I really do but I’ve started to find the […]

Sunday Randomness: This is how to wear leggings!


I thought I’d just share a cute moment with you all… Kimi is nearly 2 years old! Where does the time go? I kind of dig the way she wears jegging with Hello Kitty crocs. She may only be little but she’s a techno geek. She was playing on my computer the other day and was deeply perplexed as to why the screen wasn’t a touch screen. She’s also bossy; when she wants it, she […]

Smells like the beach: Alba Botanica Coconut Milk Facial Wash Review


Alba Botanica was a completely new brand to me, but it’s definitely my kind of range; affordable, 8-% certified organic ingredients, soap free and ph balanced. I also love the retro bottle and it smells amazing. This Coconut Milk Facial wash is actually more of a cleansing cream; I certainly didn’t feel any foaming activity but I prefer this kind of cleanser; it’s just a little more gentle. This cleanser is supposed to work well […]

LOTD: MeMeMe Ultra Gloss with Lip XL in 19 Cosme in Bright Pink!


I love hot pink lips! There might not be that many opportunities to wear it, but I still love ‘em! A sheer hot pink gloss is usually a good way to wear such a bright colour. This lip gloss from MeMeMe is 19 Cosmic and comes with lip plumping qualities: It’s definitely got colour too it but the glossiness makes it fun to wear and sort of perky! A final lament to Summer, perhaps? On […]

When Online Shopping Goes Wrong: Home Delivery Network, Uni Qlo, New Look, ASOS, No Refunds, Why?


**UPDATE 25/09/2010: Regarding Home Delivery Network, we went to collect it – it was SO FAR AWAY, must have cost about £7 in petrol for the round journey, and the envelope had no stickers on it. As far as I know, when the courier makes an attempted delivery, they stick a sticker on and write the time and date. There is some biro scribbled on my envelope which says, ‘no access’ (untrue), then no further […]

Michael Todd 6 Pan Eyehadow Palette & Loose Pigment Eyeshadow Review


My favourite thing that Michael Todd sent me to try was definitely their generously sized 6 Pan Eye Shadow Palette. This comes prefilled with six large pans of eyeshadow. Usually, when you get these sets there’s an odd dud shade or two but nope – this is the perfect neutral to smoky palette. Anyway before that, I also got one of their loose pigment eyeshadows in Plantation Key, a sparkly gold) to try: How do […]

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