Reader Help: Are you having Technical Problems?


Hi Ladies, Did you know it will be my 3rd year blog anniversary this coming Sunday!? I need to think of some fab things for the day to celebrate my 3 years of….very little sleep! Anyway I need your help. A few readers (thanks guys!) have reported to me that they have this problem when reading the site: The text is directly on the background which makes it very hard to read. This issue should […]

Mascara Week No. 3: MeMeMe Extreme Lengthening Lash Attack Mascara Review


I have hope when it comes to cheap mascaras (or should I say “cheaper” mascaras!) but quite frankly – results vary! I thought the packaging of the MeMeMe Lash Attack mascara (Extreme Lengthening) was rather funky though: Lash Attack! What a great name! Anyway, Lash Attack as a medium sized bristle brush which is pretty standard – I neither love it nor hate it. I can see lots of fibers on the brush, which is […]

Give Your Eyes A Pamper! Elemis Absolute Eye Mask Review


There’s nothing better than a nice pamper at the end of a long day and I am growing ever partial to a nice sheet mask (warmed up! Always warm, I don’t like cold things being plopped on my face unless it’s some kind of dessert…) I’ve been looking around for a while for a mask which is safe to use around the eyes – fact is you need to keep a lot of masks away […]

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