Eyeko Vintage Nail Polish Swatches; Saucy, Rain, Posh, Chichi, Vintage & Punk!


So there are a ton of Eyeko nail swatches about but hey, they are so cute that I thought I’d add mine too. Eyeko from what I remember was quite expensive when it first came out and I had the funky tube mascara which I had begged my mum to buy for me. These days the products are super cute and retro and the more things I use from them the more I likey! I […]

MeMeMe Cosmetics Beat the Blues Iridescent Complexion Illuminator Review & Model Competition!


You have to admit, Benefit with it’s unique packaging and products have spawned many an imitator; and why not, especially when it’s a cheaper alternative! These Beat the Blues Complexion Illuminators reminded me instantly of Moonbeam and Highbeam. They even come in the same two tones, a warm sheer gold and a pink silvery highlight. I have the Benefit versions too; I like them although I think they are a tad pricy for what they […]

What I’m wearing on my lips: MAC Rose Maiden Lipstick


Some bloggers make things look so pretty they always inspire me to buy, and when I saw Muhsine rocking Rose Maiden I had to seek it out. Rose Maiden is a frost lipstick and was part of the Color Forecast collection (look at me talking about MAC like a pro!) which means it was Limited Edition. Which means I wanted it even more than before…hehe. Good old eBay… So I paid about £13 for this […]

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