Hair Mousse, how 80s: LUCIDO-L Designing Whip Hair Foam Clear Wave Review


Regular readers may know I have a massive soft spot for Lucido-L Japanese hair styling products because they are so good, and so light on the hair. None of this grease and weighing down business! I bought this Lucido-L Mousse because I haven’t had a mousse for ages! Remember how crispy it used to make your hair? Crunch! I much prefer styling sprays. This mousse or hair foam is great for creative waves and controls […]

American’s No. 1 Face Mask: Queen Helene Mint Julep Review


I have heard so much about Queen Helen’s Mint Julep face mask – good things – that I was happy to finally purchase this to try. (I bought it as part of this order from Pak Cosmetics!). Queen Helene is like a giant donner kebab – always looks so good and seems like a good idea until you see the ingredients. (Don’t know why that kebab has to be giant – but let’s just say […]

NOTD: Etude House Petit Darling in PP901 Lilac Nail Polish


Etude House Petit Darling Polishes are super lovely and this pretty lilac is no exception (shade PP901): I quite like the fact that there’s no sparkle to it, it’s just a super creamy lilac. What do you think?

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