NOTD: Stargazer Purple Polish 142 Swatches


Who would’ve thought that Stargazer could produce such a gorgeous deep purple nail polish: I quite like Stargazer polishes, I’ve actually had some great experiences with them even though they are cheap as chips. This is shade 142 a rich cool toned purple. What do you think?

Do not drink: Radox Shower Smoothies Review


I don’t review Shower products that often but I thought I’d give the Radox Shower Smoothies mention because I like them quite a lot – and I am quite fussy, I don’t like anything too drying. I just think they look rather tasty like smoothies! Yummy. I have tried natural balance with is honey based […]

Take That, zit! Nexcare 3M Acne Care Spot Patch Treatment Stickers Review


3M (yes 3M – who make stationery) Nexcare Acne Treatment Patches are highly popular in Asia – these little stickers go on top of your spot overnight and dry them out overnight (or so they say!). There are so many variations on this product these days that it’s hard to pick out exactly which are […]

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