New Video & 5 Things That Help When You’re Ill


Hello gorgeous ladies, Last night I thought I was going to die as the shakes completely took over my body…every part of me was aching. I have no idea if this diet I am doing is slowly killing me or if it was a bug just waiting for the right moment to take over my system but let’s just say I am not a happy bunny. So I prescribe 5 things that will make you […]

Frangipani Body & Hair Hydrator! Melvita Monoi Dry Oil Review


My 5 favourite smells in the world: 1. Coffee. Doesn’t have to be freshly brewed, it just have to have the sweet scent of caffeine 2. Bacon. The really fatty bacon. 3. Mr C’s left cheek. Smells like babies for some reason, maybe he eats them secretly. 4. Hong Kong. It has a tang to the air, I love it. 5. Monoi Oil. I think it’s the Tahitian Gardenia or something, but it’s just gorgeous. […]

Decleor Aroma Cleanse Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse Review


I do have a bit of a soft spot for Decleor, because it always reminds me of salon treatments and they have some real gems (my current obsession, which I am totally in love with is their facial oil. I’ve trained Mr C in the art of facial massage using this oil and it’s just lovely!). Anyway – Decleor’s newest offering is the Aroma Clense Hydra Radiance Smoothing Cleansing Mousse (quite a mouthful!). This mousse […]

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