Another crap photo printing company:, a breach of security and crap service—-Inbox.jpg

Ok, so I tried out another company called (I am actually giving up and going with Asda in a moment, at least they are half decent). tell you that if you sign up you get 100 free prints! Hurrah! So I go through the whole uploading process again and get to checkout. What a surprise! They aren’t applying the 100 free prints after all but I can have 20 free prints with every […]

Not on a day when I haven’t had carbs: Pixum Photo Printing Services are Shiteous


Sorry but I have to get this rant out as I haven’t had a carb all day and am about to strangle someone….or something. This doesn’t help. I was looking for somewhere to print my holiday snaps (old people, like my Nan, you know, they like “real photos”) so came across Pixum – one of the first photo printing companies to appear on Google. Everything looked good, I uploaded my photos (took about an hour, […]

Back from Holidays! Testing the Dukan Diet & Holiday Make Up Hauls!


I am back from my holidays ladies! You didn’t notice? Hmph! Anyway I am tanned but this was not a good experience – full update later but I got heatstroke and my skin is peeling and flaking off, and that crazy itching is unbearable! It is over for me and sunbathing – forever! I have also picked up a stomach bug, who I have called Terence, and am waiting for him to disappear! How do […]

Aubergine Make Up? Yah! Skinfood Eggplant Soft Shadow Stick Review


I love Aubergines, one of my favourite vegetables, even though it comes in a stupid shape. What a beautiful shade of purple tho, eh? Eggplant (or Aubergine) Soft Stick Shadows from Skinfood are chubby eye crayons that come in White and Black. These are supposed to be soft, blendable eyeshadow crayons – I have hope! Speaking of Eggplants, I think that’s a stupid name for an Aubergine. It doesn’t look like an egg and it […]

Peer Pressue Hauling: Urban Decay Naked Palette


Word on the street is Urban Decay’s Naked palette is THE palette to own – although I admit I largely blocked it out – just not too interested in neutrals. However, when I was alerted to it being in stock online – and the price was only £27 (that is fab value for the amount of colours you get plus a mini primer, plus a double ended 24/7 pencil) I just had to order it. […]

Sheer Stain: Etude House Proof 10 Aqua Tint for Cheek and Lips Review


I am a fan of Etude House Proof 10 range – it’s a waterproof range (well the model on the adverts is always in her swimming cozzie!) and I am a sucker for things that last all day. I am also really into stains at the moment! Proof 10′s Aqua Tint comes in two shades and I bought 01. It’s a sheer red which is really for the lips but I wanted to use it […]

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