I’ve got a crush on you: Who is your current Brand Crush?


It’s a good job I don’t treat my make up like I treat my men, otherwise the current Mr Candy would’ve been replaced 10 times over by now. Go and grab some Pj’s and ice cream, cos I want to talk brand crushes with you (again)… As long as I’ve liked make up I’ve had brand crushes. On one hand I probably have something from most brands you can name, but I also go through […]

Oskia Skincare Pure Nutritional Skincare: Bedtime Boost & Micro Exfoliating Balm Review


Some products are just packaged so beautifully that they have instant appeal. The first time I laid eyes on Oskia I just thought it was a stunning, beautiful skincare range. Simple and elegant. Oskia is derived from an ancient Greek work, meaning ‘delivering nutrients’ and ‘beauty’. Oskia products also include their MSM-Regen Complex™, a naturally collagen boosting, repairing and regenerating ingredient. It’s also paraben free and uses 98% natural or nature-identical ingredients. Got it?! Now….I […]

In the unlikely situation of getting hot & sweaty: KOKURYUDO Ice Remake Spray Review


Thought I better get this one in quickly before the British summer disappears any more. Whaddya mean, it’s already dead, finished, over?! It’s true, summer lasted about 7 days in the UK. When it was hot however, I quickly purchased this Ice Remake Spray made by KOKURYUDO (no I haven’t had to use it again). KOKURYUDO ‘s Ice Remake Spray is an interesting product – this is a facial refresher or spritz that removes oiliness […]

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