Wet Hair, Dry Now! Lee Stafford Blow Dry Your Hair Faster Wonder Spray Review


If you have seen my second You Tube Video with Megs, you will know that according to Chinese grannies (or perhaps just my granny), you are not supposed to go to sleep with wet hair. My gran says this is because it will give you ‘wind wet’ (literal translation!) or rather, Rheumatism. I always wash in the evening. Habit. My hair stays wet for ages because I tend to let it dry naturally. It has […]

It’s just one of those days….


Today I feel like this… So not much chit chat from me today – I have a big family day out to organise, a big birthday, and some disastrous odds and ends to tie up. Lots and lots to say but no time to say it. One quick note – I did a small blog sale last week, thanks to all who shopped. I have since found a few more items to add to the […]

5 Orange Nail Polishes: Orly Life’s A Peach Nail Varnish


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is Oranges! Orly as I have mentioned before is (I think) an easy polish to apply because of it’s slightly runny texture. Life’s a peach, although requiring 2-3 coats too give a good colour, is a rather nice, metallic orange. I wouldn’t say it was THAT peachy – more tangerine like, or Satsuma-ish. Nice for summer? Hell yes! Think […]

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