Speedy Pouty Sexy Lips: Trish McEvoy Fast Track Lips Chic Review


I had a make over on a Trish McEvoy counter lately which was rather nice (I really do recommend having a makeover on their counters with a good SA/MUA because it’s a good way to get used to the brand – they have a lot of stuff I haven’t even discovered yet!). At the end of the makeover I was given this Fast Track Lips product – you know I love my multi use goodies, […]

The Best Foundations, Candy Style: No. 4 Albion Exage Moisture Chiffon Powder Foundation


This week I am reviewing my 5 current favourite foundations! Powder foundations are very popular in Asia because they suit the kind of climate over there – when it’s hot and humid, a powder base will stay put for longer, and it’s easier to top up. For me, I love the idea of a powder foundation – god knows I have bought a fair few over the years but to be honest, on my dry […]

5 Glittery Nail Polishes: Barry M Varnish in Holgram Hexograms


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is Glitters! This polish is not subtle. The glittery bits are like saucers…but look closely – they are HEXOGRAMS! Coollll! I quite like it on its own (see above) but I think it would be a fun, funky top coat too. The thing about this glitter though, it that it’s a little sparse, so the next thing you know, […]

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