Yay or Nay? Losing weight and Joining Slimming World


It seems to me that quite a few of my readers and also other bloggers have lots tons of weight by joining Slimming World. Let me tell you know that the idea of anything like a slimming club complete with weigh ins scare me! I’ve never ever considered it before until now… It’s great hearing about what real women have managed to lose by joining a club. According to their website I can lose 10 […]

All In One Color! Stila One Step Primecolor in Rosie Posie Review


You know me, love to have multi use, multi functional beauty products so I was rather pleased to try out Stila’s One Step Primecolor, a formula made with mineral pigments that can be used as a primer, cheek colour, lip colour, highlighter and eyeshadow….shade pending, of course! They say: One Step PrimeColor is formulated with Stila’s Youth Revival Bio-Available Mineral Complex that reads and reacts to the skin zone-by-zone, visibly priming, balancing, correcting and optimising […]

Orange Make Up: Lavshuca Melting Eye & Moist Melting Rouge Lipstick Haul


Lavshuca was once my favourite brand, ever, but in the last 2 years or so, the products have really slipped. The range still looks lovely, the products are good, but not as amazing as they once were. Nevertheless, I always give things a chance! I purchased their new Melting Eye Eyeshadow Palette and a Moist Melting Rouge lipstick – both in Orange (OR1) to try out. The packaging, as always, is lovely: This palette, OR1 […]

5 Gold and Yellow Nail Polishes: Mavala Alexandria Nail Varnish


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is YELLOWS & GOLDS! This nail polish is one of the first yellows I owned – it’s a sunny bright yellow with no sparkle, just a metallic edge. It can be work quite sheer or layered on. I find it one of the most wearable yellows I have too. What do you think?

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