Want It: Trish McEvoy Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes Limited Edition Set


As soon as I saw this Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes from Trish McEvoy I kinda went “ooohhhh”. This kit is not quite a planner, but it has everything…

Help for dry, chapped lips: Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment Review


Despite Lip Scrubs (even home made ones!) my lips are still incredibly dry and chapped. So when I saw this Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment on eBay, I had to have…

Hauled it: Napoleon Perdis & Laura Mercier Make Up Brushes Review


This post should actually be called, “damn you eBay” followed by “damn you hazy shopping” because god knows I don’t need any more make up brushes but I can’t resist…

5 Gold and Yellow Nail Polishes: Essie Funky Limelight Matte Fluorescent Varnish


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is YELLOWS & GOLDS! Ok, so this was a bit of a random purchase!…

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