Want It: Trish McEvoy Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes Limited Edition Set


As soon as I saw this Must Have Essential Collection for Eyes from Trish McEvoy I kinda went “ooohhhh”. This kit is not quite a planner, but it has everything you need in it in a compact space. The mesh bag also fits into the petite planner perfectly. They say: A maxed out multifunction Trish essentials collection for efficiently creating the most beautiful eyes from every angle. Pocket perfect sizes enable you to brighten, contour, […]

Help for dry, chapped lips: Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment Review


Despite Lip Scrubs (even home made ones!) my lips are still incredibly dry and chapped. So when I saw this Skinfood Honey Lip Treatment on eBay, I had to have it! Costing around £6 including shipping, I thought it was a rather cute investment. Honey is hydrating and indeed a very nice treatment for this skin. A nice one to do is to just cover your lips in some good quality honey and cover it […]

Hauled it: Napoleon Perdis & Laura Mercier Make Up Brushes Review


This post should actually be called, “damn you eBay” followed by “damn you hazy shopping” because god knows I don’t need any more make up brushes but I can’t resist the ‘Bay. And yet….they still treat me like crap. Don’t you hate generic eBay answers to questions that tell you nothing at all? They should be sending me Birthday cards and giving me a direct line to their help desk where someone called Moss solves […]

5 Gold and Yellow Nail Polishes: Essie Funky Limelight Matte Fluorescent Varnish


I’m going through my relatively small nail polish collection and photographing my favourite shades. This week is YELLOWS & GOLDS! Ok, so this was a bit of a random purchase! This polish dries to a matte finish and is a bright, bright, bright highlighter yellow shade. I have worn this out once. The girl in Cafe Nero looked at me and offered me a free waffle, sympathetically. But it’s fun! C’mon! Where’s ya sense of […]

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